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The Estes Kit List was originally created by Tom McAtee.  Throughout the years, contributions were made to Tom by Jeff Brundt and Buzz McDermott.

I found Tom's list in early 1998.  It had not been updated in awhile, so, with Tom's permission I took over updating the list along with the help of Neil J. Tarasoff.  I made sure it was kept updated and I made it available to everyone on the web via my website.  Some of the people we've received list additions & corrections from are Neil J. Tarasoff, David O'Nan, Chris Fusick, Daniel Pinter, Don Altschwager, Craig Hilton, Larry Rice, Fred Talasco, John Brohm, Dan Eastwood, Dave Durazo, Jacques Beausejour, Leo Nutz, Carl McClawhorn and Roy Green.  If I forgot anyone's names, please remind me and I'll add them here!

I would like to thank Don Altschwager for his hard work in cleaning up the format of the list, keeping the list updated in my absence and for creating the Estes Starter/Misc Kit List and the Centuri Kit List.

I would also like to thank Craig McGraw for creating the new Estes and Centuri Expanded Kit Lists.  These new lists have links to the kit plans and catalog pictures if they're available.

I hope you will find these lists beneficial in keeping track of your Estes and Centuri collections.

If you know the dates of any kits with a question mark, see an error in the lists or know of a kit I don't already have listed in the Estes or Centuri Kit lists, please email me HERE.

Estes Rocket Kits 1961-2023
(Updated on 01-16-23)

Estes Expanded Rocket Kits 1961-2008
(Updated on 06-22-08)
(This is in HTML format with links to plans and catalog pages.)

Estes Starter, ColdPower & Bulk Kits 1961-2023
(Updated on 01-16-23)

Centuri Kits 1962-1983
(Updated on 07-25-08)

Centuri Expanded Rocket Kits 1962-1983
(Updated on 09-23-06)
(This is in HTML format with links to plans and catalog pages.)


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