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Kurt's Decal Page

The PDF files on these pages are original vector files of old Centuri and Estes decal sheets.  All were redrawn by me from scans of the original decals.  Some of the PDF's also include templates for the kit besides the decals.

Some of the artwork contains white areas.  For the most part, those areas were given the color white and as such will not show up when viewed on your screen.  The artwork is there however, and will print properly if you can print white.

There are several ways to reproduce old decals using this artwork.  Several manufacturers make color laser printer compatible blank decal stock, as well as inkjet compatible paper.  Another method is to print a master on a color printer and then use that master in a color copier to print onto the decal stock.  All the decals without white areas should print properly to these types of printers.  Those of you with Alps printers that can print in white and metallic colors will have to experiment to get good results.

All the files were originally drawn in Adobe Illustrator then converted to PDF files.  They retain all the vector properties as in the original EPS files.  Illustrator can open PDF's, and it has been reported to me that CorelDraw! can too.  I do not have any experience with CorelDraw! however.

If you have any problems opening any of the files, please contact the Webmaster at so he can remedy the problem ASAP.

Kurt Schachner

Estes Decals & Templates

Centuri Decals & Templates

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