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My name is Scott D. Hansen. I live with my wife, Tami, 17 year old daughter, Brianna, 13 year old son, Logan, and 11 year old daughter, Adrienne, in Milwaukee, WI. I'm yet another BAR* who used to fly in the late 60's through early 80's.

I started YORS back in early 1998 after I was re-introduced to the hobby by fellow WOOSH club member, Dave Lyle.  I was astonished to see how the rocket kits had gone to mostly plastic, with not much skill needed to complete them.  I yearned for the days and kits of old.  I started looking around and was able to find some older kits to buy.  There were "extras" of these kits and wanted to make them available to others.  Hence, Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe was born.

*- Born Again Rocketeer

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